Dec 4th 2015

Rather than release any singles from "Demons To Diamonds" the band have decided to release a partner album called "Darkness To Diamond" on Jan 8th.

It features alternate versions / remixes / "proper" extended versions and instrumentals of the Demons To Diamonds songs, all created by Visage. The album features new versions of the 10 album tracks and a bonus track, the first ever "Visage Remix".


Nov 6th 2015

The fifth and final studio album from 80s New Romantic pioneers Visage. Featuring the studio songs that Steve Strange was working on with Visage prior to his untimely death which shocked the world in Feb 2015. Album cover art by Boy George. Launched to coincide with the inaugural "Steve Strange" New Romantic music festival in Wales.

In September 2015 the "Steve Strange Collective" organization was formed by Steve’s Mother, Sister and Steves former PA Amanda Lloyd. The Steve Strange Collective is "An organization to promote and celebrate the legacy of Steve Strange and the organizations and causes he was involved with." They are currently involved in two major projects the first annual "New Romantic Festival" in Porthcawl, Wales and a campaign to fund, design and place a statue of Steve Strange in a prominent location. All royalties from the album will be donated to the Steve Strange Statue fund.

Steve Strange & Visage began working on their follow up album to 2013 Hearts and Knives in spring 2014. With over 15 songs written and scheduled the band had recorded just over half when Steve sadly died on Feb 12th 2015. After the shock of losing their leader the band rather than leave the album uncompleted decided to persevere and complete the album. The result is a lasting legacy to one of the UKs most creative music and fashion icons of recent years.

Preview the album here


You can also purchase the album on CD & Green Vinyl from the Visage Website Store.


Oct 26th 2015

The Fifth and Final Visage Album "Demons To Diamonds" is released on November 6th 2015. It features ten new tracks which Steve Strange was preparing prior to his sad and untimely death in Feb 2015. All royalties from the album will go towards to the Steve Strange Collective (established by Steve’s Family) for the Steve Strange Statue Fund. You can also donate to the Statue Fund here.

If you are attending the Porthcawl 2015 New Romantic Festival on the 31st October then you can buy a CD copy of the Album EARLY at the event on the 30th October.

You can also purchase a copy the CD – EARLY - on the Visage Website Store.

All Visage Webshop orders will also include a Visage postcard and a BONUS CD containing three exclusive tracks [ 1. Before You Win(Radio Edit) 2. Never Enough (John Bryan and Richard Stone In Prague Remix) 3. Star City (Orbital Ambient Version) ]. Orders will be shipped from London by October 29th. For a limited time only.


Oct 2nd 2015

Visage are pleased to reveal the artwork for “Demons To Diamonds”.

The artwork is by a very close long term friend of Steve, “Rude George”. (Yes it is who you think it is) What a talented chap he is. It renews and re-affirms their close bond which goes back to 1979.

“Demons To Diamonds” is the fifth and final studio album by Visage. Steve Strange was working on the album prior to his untimely death in Feb 2015. The 10 track album is released on November 6th 2015 and features collaborations with Didier Marouani (Of Space – “Magic Fly” fame) and Mick Macneil (Ex Simple Minds).

All Royalties from the album will be donated to the Steve Strange Statue appeal launched today.


Oct 2nd 2015

The Steve Strange Collective is pleased to announce it is in discussions with local council organizations to establish a site for a site for a Bronze Statue of New Romantic style, music and fashion icon Steve Strange. Steve Strange died prematurely in 2015. Welsh sculptor Nick Elphick will create the work. The statue will act as permanent reminder to Steve’s Life.

An appeal has been launched to help fund the statue with the Just Giving Charity Fundraising Site. The appeal has been organized by the Steve Strange Collective and headed by Gill Harrington (Steve’s Mother), Tanya Harrington (Steve's Sister) and Amanda Lloyd (Steve's PA). All funds will go towards the statue fund and everyone involved is working for free and not receiving any personal recompense.

Please, please if Steve Strange, his life or music meant something to you, Write a message on the Memorial Wall and donate what you can and please help us build a lasting memorial. Please Share this and spread the word.


Feb 13th 2015

Adding to the statement from Visage co-founders Midge Ure and Rusty Egan released today, the current members of Visage would like to express their crushing sense of shock and loss at the death of Steve Strange, the lead singer of Visage

“Despite all his trials and tribulations and battles against addiction, underneath Steve was a truly kind hearted soul. I knew Steve since 1982 but perhaps my fondest memory of Steve was our London 2014 gig at The Garage. It was the tail end of a grueling European tour. He was really on his game that night. Visage showed they could perform live, something he always wanted to prove he could do. The audience in the palm in his hand. Steve the showman, that was Steve at his best. He was a pioneer and artistic spirit who ultimately left his mark. I miss him dearly.”
Steve Barnacle, Bass player

“Steve was a guiding light to the band in difficult times. I will always remember him to the sense of mischief, theatre and image which he excelled at”
Robin Simon, Guitarist.

“Steve was the epitome of ‘here for a good time not for a long time’. A lovely person who touched so many lives. I wish he could now see the love everyone has for him. My favourite memory Steve is when I did my first sound check with him in Venice. I had only just learnt my parts and harmonies but when the music started for Night Train. He turned to me and said ‘Lauren, what’s the first line?”, “I don’t know, I didn’t learn your parts” I replied. “Well find out” he said with a grin. There I was googling the lyrics in front of an arena full of staff, engineers, agents and promoters…. Feeding them to him last minute, but him still commanding the spotlight, that says it all for me”.
Lauren Thomas, Vocals.

“I’m saddened and numb but it has been a chance for the band to reflect on so many happy memories… in particular I will always remember his cheeky side… like when he left Robin and I stranded on stage during an extended costume change at a Tokyo gig. He sent a Japanese fan running on stage to tell us to play another instrumental. I heard him chucking in the wings and never will forget his mischievous grin when his finally came back on”.
Logan Sky, Keyboards.

Goodbye Dear Friend,

“Clouds of gold, take life and fly”
Visage Feb 13th 2015.

All Media Enquiries to Exploding Art PR -


November 25th 2014

The package includes:

A Steve Strange Signed CD copy of the "Orchestral" album

Limited edition "Hearts Bonus CD" 4 Track Printed Promo CD (includes special unreleased mixes):
Never Enough (John Bryan and Richard Stone in Prague Remix)
Dreamer I Know (Tim Dry Remix)
Hidden Sign (Christmas Eve Remix)
Never Enough (Richard Stone Instrumental)

Limited edition "Frequency 7" 3 Track Printed Promo CD

Visage Stickers


October 28th 2014

After what can only be described as a phenomenal year promoting and performing their highly successful 2013 comeback album 'Hearts And Knives', Visage return with an interpretation of their most famous track. Fade To Grey performed with a full orchestra.

In March 2014 Visage were asked to perform at the closing ceremony of the World Ski Jumping Championships in Prague. Sensing an opportunity for grandeur, Steve Strange – the illustrious leader of Visage – joined forces with the Czech Synthosymphonica Orchestra. Headed by Armin Effenberger, their speciality is mixing classical music arrangements and full orchestras with classic synthesizer sounds. On a cold night in March with snow blowing Visage performed a ten song set of their hits with the full orchestra.

The new orchestral version of Fade To Grey has features a lush and expansive orchestral introduction followed by the classic track enhanced with strings, woodwinds and brass throughout. The package also features a re-recorded version of the main version that sold 8 million copies and went to number 1 in eight countries. To round off the single release are some instrumental and orchapella versions. Also featured is the mysteriously electronic "Feliks Arrival" remix.


October 28th 2014

Steve Strange features prominently in the Spandau Ballet bio-pic film "Soul Boys Of the Western World". Prior to forming Visage Steve Strange was co-founder of London's Blitz Club the birth place of the New Romantics and the first venue to host a Spandau Ballet concert (which was commemorated recently with a PRS Blue Plaque on Blitz building).


September 17th 2014

Visage to appear at Whitby Goth Festival. Come and catch us at the Whitby Goth Weekend on the 31st of October, 2014.


August 18th 2014

After what can only be described as a phenomenal year promoting and performing their highly successful comeback album 'Hearts And Knives', Visage round off with a fifth and final single. "She's Electric (Coming Around)" was always the track with the most identifiable "Fade To Grey Sound" on the album. From the CR78 drum beats, Polymoogs and minor key pads right down to the sounds of forlorn longing and hopeless romance.

As is the case with all the singles from this album the CD singles feature a plethora of remixes and alternative versions and deliver over 40 minutes of music.

First up we have the bands own "Coming On Strong" remake version. This is about as pop as Visage are ever going to go. Catchy chorus adaptations and uplifting synths. Next up is a futurist mix of electro, disco and progressive. Here Swedish based Martin Brodin and partner Stirfry adding layers of drama. We then take things back to the 80's with an "old school" extended remix. Just liked they used to do. Extended and remixed.

The package also includes a very special guest appearance. 80s London meets 80s New York City with electro legend Man Parrish remixing proceedings as only he can. Its big, its brash, its electro. Next UK based cool cat producer Marcel Lune is next up with a lazy funk alternative spin on the original. Spikey beats, quirky percussion and shifty synths are in full supply. Russia - based Irealight then takes Visage to a destination it has never been before; peak-time, big room trance. The original vocals are sparse but the beats are big. To round things off there is an assortment of instrumentals and fine breaks guzzler from Canadian Dark Arps.

Visage are currently planning and writing their fifth album. So see you all in a year or two.


MAY 26th 2014

Founding fathers of the New Romantics and pioneers of the 80s sound Visage, return with their fourth single from the highly successful comeback album 'Hearts And Knives'. Steve Strange lead singer proclaims "This is my favourite track from our 4th album, it was always going to be a single at some point!".

"Hidden Sign" is the tale of an love affair and its over analysis by the two participants. Does the love affair survive? – Draw your own conclusion. The track highlights the masterful bass playing of Visage bass player Steve Barnacle. The clean amped sound and 80s beats and grooves propel this song along, leaving just enough space for Robin Simons (Ex Ultravox) masterful guitar and Steves thoughtful vocal.

As is the case with the singles from this album the CD singles feature a plethora of remixes and alternative versions to deliver over 40 minutes of music. First up on the remix duty are Russian newcomers "Kim & Buran" who take the track for a disco house spin. Next up we head off to Sheffield for Hiem to add their industrial synth-pop overcoat to the melody and beats.

Fans of 80s style "Extended Remixes" are once again in for a treat with our own Hidden Sign extended version. This version brings in shades of "Enola Gay" and focuses on the driving beats and layered sounds. Heading once again to Russia, Sportloto strips back the song to a house led beat fest.

To round things off we are treated to an electro re-work from Kim and Buran and the obligatory instrumental and radio versions. For those who download the package direct from the Visage website you also get an extra remix from Kim and Buran, this time spinning out a dreamscape slow and moody synth-washed version.


FEBRUARY 20th 2014

The last time we were in Japan was 1982. Back then, TDK Japan made two TV adverts featuring our own Steve Strange, using Night Train and Whispers (which were both later released as singles in Japan). Watch the video here

Roll forward to 2014 and we are pleased to announce two gigs in Tokyo. As well as the odd spot of press and catching up with acquaintances old and new. See you there!

VISAGE to Play with 70 Piece ORCHESTRA in Prague

February 11th 2014

On March 15th at the Ski Flying World Championships, Adidas Arena Harrachov, Czech Republic.

We are pleased to announce that we will be performing at the closing ceremony of the Ski Flying World Championships 2014. We will be premiering a very unique project named The Synthosymphonica.

Visage, led by the charismatic Steve Strange and accompanied by Prague Synthosymphonic Orchestra, will perform 10 of their greatest hits in brand new arrangements, in which the cool world of electropop connects with the warmth of symphony orchestra. This fusion brings a truly unique musical experience. In addition the show will be accompanied by a great visual show, using the latest videomapping, lazer and light-designing technology.

VISAGE with SYNTHOSYMPHONICA will be held March 15, 2014 after the Victory ceremony of the Ski Flying World Championships in Adidas Arena Harrachov.


December 9th 2013

'Never Enough' is the album opening track that is the musical 'all guns blazing'. It merges thundering Moroder-esque basslines with layers of Robin Simon's effected guitars. Real drums with copious amounts of fills and Giorgio Moroder style "Haas" effect snare power the track along. The highlight however is the main keyboard riff which features boldly in the intro and chorus. The lyrics reflect a stormy and failing relationship and set the tone for a more personal approach to the song-writing on this latest Visage album.

Along with the thunderous original the package comes with a host of new versions and remixes; First up we turn add some Pet Shop Boys level of bombastic over-the-top-ness with co-producer John Bryans "Widescreen" version. Here the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra bathe, layer and extend the original into a filmic synth-pop odyssey. Next up is Jersey based Marc Mitchell. A long time Visage fan, Marc remixes the song into an angular, synth powerhouse. He ends its with what sounds like his own personal synth solo tribute to Billy Currie.

Italian producer Bottin (known for his collaboration with Rusty Egan on Blitz Club Records, amongst other masterful achievements) gives us his own Italian and moroderesque cruncher. Dublin based Lasertom turns the groove down to slo-mo paced with his epically building version.

Believe it or not but until this year Visage had never ever fully played live. Fast forward to Autumn 2013, after a string of highly successful European and UK tour dates. To show the chaps have their live chops, we have included a live-as-it-comes version of their classic hit "The Anvil". Recorded at their first live show in June 2013 at the Hoxton Bar and Grill. To round things off we also feature an "Orcapella" of the Prague chaps at their finest. 30 beating human hearts…


September 26th 2013


Zeche Bochum October 8th Available Here


Stockholm October 9th Available Here

Gothenburg October 10th Available Here


Bratislava October 11th Available Here

France, Spain and Italy dates in November / December to be announced soon.


Aug 8th 2013

After three successful album showcase gigs, We are pleased to announce the "Hearts And Knives Tour" This will feature a full Visage set with full live band. The tracks will be a mixture of classic hits and a few tracks from the new Visage album "Hearts and Knives". We are upgrading and boosting the set list from the showcase gigs. Your musicians;

Steve Strange - Vocals
Lauren Duvall - Vocals
Steve Barnacle - Bass
Robin Simon - Guitar

aided live by;
Logan Sky - Keyboards
Johnny Marter - Drums

Bespoke hats for tour designed by Stephen Jones

MAMA Group presents:

SEPT 13: Norwich - Epic TV Studios
SEPT 17: York - The Duchess
SEPT 18: Liverpool - East Village Arts Club
SEPT 19: Birmingham - The Institute
SEPT 20: London - The Garage
SEPT 21: Brighton - The Haunt

Dreamer I Know - Out now

July 22nd 2013

"Dreamer I Know" is the most immediately accessible song on the album and features a catchy adult-pop chorus which imprints rapidly. Mick Macneil (the former creative musical core of Simple Minds) adds the lead keyboard lines which although played on an old Korg analog monosynth somehow manage to evoke his Scottish homeland.

This 9 track CD single features remixes by Max Essa, Sare Havlicek, Skintologists & Mick MacNeil. It also features a new track "Digital Age" which doesn't feature on the album "Hearts & Knives".


July 18th 2013

Fancy coming along to a meet and greet with Visage? The band will be on hand to sign items, take photos and chat prior to their gigs at the Glee Club in Cardiff (21st July) & Birmingham (23rd July).

The package is limited to 15 people per date. As well as the meet and greet you will also receive a) A Visage T-Shirt (Choose from 2 designs) b) Personally signed Visage postcard c) A few nibbles d) Visage Stickers e) Visage goodies.

The Meet & Greet sessions start @ 6pm, so please make sure you can make it for the time before booking. The tickets are E-Tickets and you will need to provide your name on the door.

Please note: this package does not include entrance to the gig

Book Meet & Greet Ticket (Cardiff 21st July): £25

Book Meet & Greet Ticket (Birmingham 23rd July): £25

The ANVIL Live @ Hoxton 5th Jun 2013

July 5th 2013

No sequencers, no tapes. JUST US!

The Anvil was the title track our 1982 album. Named after a famous gay nightclub in NYC. Here the band play the song fully live for the first time ever.

Steve Strange - Vocals
Lauren Duvall - Vocals
Steve Barnacle - Bass
Robin Simon - Guitar

aided live by;
Logan Sky - Keyboards
Johnny Marter - Drums

Visage In Germany

July 1st 2013

VISAGE melden sich zurück!

Mit neuer Besetzung und neuem Album exklusiv in Bochum!

1981 schaffen sie mit nur einem Titel ihren internationalen Durchbruch. Denn der Song "Fade To Grey" entwickelt sich nicht nur zum absoluten Club-Hit, sondern setzt sich auch weltweit in 21 Ländern an die Spitze der Charts. Die Rede ist natürlich von VISAGE, der Band, die mit ihrem epochalen Debüt den Grundstein für den Synthie-Pop-Sound gelegt und Bands wie Human League, Ultravox, Spandau Ballet, Soft Cell oder Depeche Mode den Weg in ihre unverwechselbare Stilistik geebnet hat. Mit "Fade To Grey" haben VISAGE den Sound geschaffen, der auf den britischen Inseln als New Romantic, hierzulande als New Wave bekannt wurde. Letztendlich jedoch hat die Band mit ihrem schillernden Frontman Steve Strange den 80ern ihren wohl typischen, elektronischen Sound verliehen.

Mit ihrem vierten Album Hearts and Knives melden sich VISAGE nun mehr als 30 Jahre nach ihrem Meisterwerk zurück. Nicht nur akustisch, sondern auch live. Denn am 8. Oktober kommen sie nach Deutschland – und zwar für ein einziges, exklusives Konzert in der Zeche in Bochum.

Das neue Gesicht von VISAGE: Steve Strange, Steve Barnacle, Robin Simon (Ex-Gitarrist von Ultravox) und Sängerin Lauren Duvall, die bei ihrem neuen Album Hearts and Knives namhafte Unterstützung erhalten haben. Darunter beispielsweise: Mick Mac Neil (musikalischer Kopf der Simple Minds) oder auch Martin Rushent (Produzent von Human League).

Setzten VISAGE in den 80er Jahren wegweisende Akzente, was sowohl den futuristischen Synthesizer-Sound, aber auch Mode, Make-up und Stil betraf, stehen Reunion und neues Album den Ursprüngen von damals heute in nichts nach. Denn auch diesmal ist VISAGE wieder ein kräftiges, zeitgenössisches Statement gelungen – und zwar wiederholt in Musik, Mode und Style.

Hearts and Knives ist Retro der frühen 80er und bietet breite Klangteppiche und eingängige Sequenzer, wie man sie heute kaum noch kennt oder besser: kaum noch nutzt. Fast, als hätte Steve Strange seine gesamten Synthesizer aus den 80er Jahren wieder aus dem Keller geholt und sie als Fundament unter die modernste Produktionstechnik gelegt.

Denn die neuen Songs, allen voran die beiden Ohrwürmer "Shameless Fashion" oder "Dreamer I Know" klingen trotz alter Sequenzer absolut zeitgemäß und professionell. Insgesamt ein Album also, das überzeugt. Vor allem, da die Stimme von Steve Strange noch immer genauso schmeichelnd wie früher ist und so einen spannenden Kontrast zu den steril klingenden Synthi-Sounds schafft. Hier wird eine Zeitreise perfekt: Aus der Vergangenheit in die Gegenwart und wieder zurück.

Wer VISAGE in den 80ern schon mochte, wird sie in 2013 lieben. Deshalb sollte das einzige Konzert in Deutschland auch schnellstens mit einem Terminblocker im Kalender versehen werden. Noch besser: Sichert euch schon jetzt eure Tickets!

Diese gibt es für 40,00 Euro ohne und für 70,00 Euro inkl. Meet & Greet im Internet unter, telefonisch unter 0234-9471940 und an allen bekannten Vorverkaufsstellen. Die angegebenen Preise verstehen sich inklusive Gebühren.

Hearts and Knives Official Live Tour 2013

08. Oktober 2013 – Bochum, Zeche

Tickets gibt es ab 40,00 € inkl. Gebühren
im Internet auf,
telefonisch unter 0234-9471940.


June 14th 2013

We are ever so pleased to have our hands on the vinyl pressing of Hearts and Knives.

We are even more pleased to announce that EXCLUSIVE to our webstore you can get a special 180g Heavyweight Red Vinyl. It's a very limited run of Red ones so be quick.

Steve was on hand to sign some.


June 3rd 2013

London June 5th SOLD OUT

Cardiff July 21st Availble Here

Birmingham July 23rd Available Here

London September 20th Available Here

Zeche Bochum October 8th Available Here

LIVE Visage Show 5th June LONDON

May 15th 2013

We are pleased to announce a "showcase" album gig. This will feature a full Visage set with full live band. The tracks will be a mixture of classic hits and a few tracks from the new Visage album "Hearts and Knives". Your musicians;

Steve Strange - Vocals
Lauren Duvall - Vocals
Steve Barnacle - Bass
Robin Simon - Guitar

aided live by;
Logan Sky - Keyboards
Johnny Marter - Drums


May 8th 2013

For those who are more technically minded and into music production here is a little article on the gear and methodology behind Hearts and Knives.

A big part of Visage is the style, look and glamour. Of course it is all about the songs too. But sometimes it is nice to talk about synthesizers and hardware! (just this once we promise… ) In this post we would welcome any technical questions / comments.

The Hearts and Knives project came to fruition in a slow but steady fashion. In 2010 (just before his sad passing) Martin Rushent began work remixing Frequency 7, listening to song ideas & setting a production template for a new record (Visage recorded their first album at his studio from 1978 to 1979). With a lot of ideas, song fragments, studio sessions & recordings the frist task was to crunching down 30 song ideas into a pool of 15-20 workable tracks. Logic on the Mac was the weapon of choice, due mainly to it being available at most of the studios used & everyone being familiar with it.

Early on in the project it was a firm goal to make a record with the "classic Visage sound". This meant avoiding several modern production pitfalls. Firstly, it was a firm "No" to Soft Synths. Ironic really as most bands from the 80s era couldn't get rid of that analogue gear fast enough (probably influenced by all those years of lugging it around to gigs). If you take a look at the gear list below you will notice most of it is made before 1985. Secondly, the modern over defined & over-produced, razor sharp, tightly-mixed sound was avoided in favour of an 1980s desk & a looser, more intuitive mix. Thirdly when it came to final mastering, the band opted to avoid the loudness war and it's overly bright, harsh & bassy 2012 brick-wall sound. With John Bryan taking over the production reigns the team was beefed up with the addition of Sare Havlicek in 2012. A successful artist in his own right & avid analogue synthesizer collector. Logan Sky & Mick Macneill (ex keyboard player in Simple Minds) also contributed their analogues. The record was mixed by Sare Havlicek at his Tokyorama studio.

Hearts and Knives was definitely a multi studio album. Tracking sessions took place in studios too numerous to count. Real drums feature on 8/10 tracks on the album. These were mostly recorded at the Tin Room studio in London & expertly miked by Shuta Shinoda. Steve Barnacle also worked at his home studio in Dover on components. Most guitars & basses were DI'ed. For vocals, mild compression was usually the order of the day via a Focusrite ISA 430 and a Mperical Labs Distressor unit. The microphones used are too numerous to mention, but a Neumann TLM 170 was used a lot. Following in the template and methodology initially laid out by Martin Rushent in 2010, when it came to the sound of certain songs, the goal was to show a lineage back to the old albums but with a fresh outlook.

Production on the album tries to infuse something new & different to classic Visage. Not just simply carbon copying & replicating their old sound. New tracks like "Shameless Fashion" map back to 1982s "The Anvil" but there's a distinctly modern feel to the momentum of the song. "Shes Electric" references the CR78 of "Fade To Grey" but with a contemporary groove and modern layered production. Inevitably though external influences did creep in: True to the Martin Rushent template the track "On We Go" was produced in the style of "I Am The Law" by the Human League. Other early 80s influences include Moroders "Life In Tokyo" by Japan, including the obligatory rolling bassline and Haas echo effect on the real drums. You can hear this on the opening track of the album "Never Enough". Whilst most of the album was tightly programmed, sequenced and quantized in "Diaries Of A Madman" the timing was turned loose for a punkier / in-your-face vibe.

And here is the instrument list;

PRS SE EG Guitar (custom)
John Dixon Guitar (custom)
Fender Jazz Bass 70s
Washburn XB400 Bass
Alesis Andromeda A6
Moog Polymoog
Korg 770
Korg MS-20
Korg Polysix
Moog Source
Roland Jupiter-8
Roland SH-09
Roland SH-7
Roland CR-78
Roland Juno-106
Roland CR-78
Roland System 100M
Siel Cruise
Yamaha CS-20M
Yamaha DX-7
And No Soft Synths!


April 24th 2013

We are really pleased to be offering copies of our new album "Hearts and Knives" for Pre-Order. These will be shipped 4 or 5 days prior to the release date so they can arrive as close to release date as possible (even before). Copies of the album come with a free download of the album in its entirety. You can also order signed copies of the album which include a Steve Strange autograph (we hope to keep our bossman busy). If your walls are bare you can order a 24x24 canvas of the album cover. So you can check out the Peter Ashworth photographed cover in all its glory.

New Visage record 'Hearts And Knives' is dedicated to Martin Rushent

April 17th 2013

The new Visage record 'Hearts And Knives' is dedicated to Martin Rushent. For those of you who don't know, Martin Rushent died in June 2011 and was one of England's finest ever record producers. He is best known for his work producing 'Dare' by The Human League, however in his time he also worked with The Stranglers, Shirley Bassey, The Buzzcocks and many more. In 1978, shortly after formed Visage, Martin signed our first ever single 'Tar' to his Genetic Recordings record label. We went on to record our first album at his then new Genetic Studio. In those days it all was a bit embryonic; new gear, in a new studio with us learning as we went along. Martin would pop his head around the door a few times a day "Hi Chaps, how is it going?" as we struggled with some piece of studio gear.

In 2010 we approached Martin to take on an executive producer role for our (at that time) nascent album idea. He kindly accepted and was more than happy to discuss production templates, song ideas and the general direction of the album. He was also halfway through a new version of 'Frequency 7' at the time of his death. Although Martin was unable to see his work through on 'Hearts and Knives' you may notice that some of his mantras, thoughts and ideas have percolated into the fibre of the record. The instrument choices, direction & the musical styling's are all references to him.

Thank you Martin for your immense help in getting us started in 1978 and everything since.

A video introduction to Visage

April 4th 2013

An Interview with Steve, Steve, Lauren and Robin + Some History + Some Blitz Club + Clips from 7 TRACKS from the New Album.

Hearts And Knives Album Cover released

March 25th 2013

We are pleased to be revealing the final version of the album cover for "Hearts And Knives". The photograph was taken by veteran music photographer Peter Ashworth (who also took the album cover for Visage album one, way back in 1980). Lara Himpelmann created the "Fade To Grey" style mask, silver shards and the stunning make up. The jacket was from Trevor Bolangaro. The concept came from the furtive & creative minds of Steve and Lara.

Mick Macneil (Ex Simple Minds) Contributes To Album Four

March 21st 2013

We are very pleased to confirm that Mick Macneil has been confirmed as a contributor the fourth Visage album "Hearts And Knives" due for release in May 2013.

Mick was the keyboard player and beating musical heart of Simple Minds from 1978 to 1990. Mick has co-written two tracks and lent his musical fingers on some nifty (analog) keyboard lines.

Dave Formula, Feb 2013

February 9th 2013

We are very pleased to confirm that Dave Formula has been confirmed as a contributor to the upcoming Visage album. Dave is the keyboard player in Magazine and of course from Visage from 1978 to 1983. Be sure to check Daves Satellite Sweetheart album from 2010. Which features (amongst others) a fine contrubution from our very own Robin Simon. All in the family.

Munich, January 2013

February 6th 2013

Many thanks to all those fans for a great gig in Munich in January. Here are some pics of us strutting our stuff. A massive thanks to Niki Forrow and HR Pictures for sending us photos.

Steve Strange spreads his wings In Sorapol Leather Jacket Creation

January 28th 2013

It was all about the fringes and waves as Steve recently shot with a stunning Daniel Lismore created Sorapol Leather jacket. All in a days work as part of the soon Visage-4th-album-shoot series project.

Hi-Res Image

Band Shoot – "Fifty Shades of Fade To Grey"

January 24th 2013

A big thanks out to those who helped our recent band-shot photoshoot. It was the first time we have all appeared together in one picture. Its doesn't look so moody with the black Styrofoam backboards does it? Thanks to David Levine for taking the shot and Isidora Petrovich for the make up and hair. In case you were wondering… yes that is a grey hair extension on Steve's head. Painstakingly sprayed into a series of (shades of) grey fades by the lovely Isodora. The henna tattoo on Steves hand was a last minute addition… whilst on the tube Steve spotted someone with a henna tattoo returning from a wedding…. "I HAVE to have one of those… can I get their number?", you can guess the rest.

Frequency 7 "Original" Coming Soon – Feb 18th

January 20th 2013

Somewhere in the depths of late 2011 we completed some recordings on a new version of Frequency 7. Although not released at the time we are pleased to be finally making this available. These new versions are now avaialble

"Frequency 7" was originally the B-side to the first Visage single "Tar" from 1979. Not only was it initially released on Martin Rushents "Genetic" record label, it was also recorded at his Genetic Studio in the garden of his house near Reading (the cradle that was soon to be the birthplace of the Human League "Dare" album). And of course stay tuned for the brand new Visage songs in spring.

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January 17th 2013

It is an exciting time to be back we are pleased to announce our brand new line up and a new album scheduled for Spring 2013.

Joining Steve Strange and Steve Barnacle are two new members Robin Simon (ex Ultravox) on guitars and Lauren Duvall on vocals. Stay tuned for more details and drop by our Facebook for upcoming free track giveaways.